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martes, 26 de abril de 2016

Turkey rejected an Argentine ambassador for writing about the Armenian Genocide

Clarin newspaper revealed today that the Turkish government rejected the Argentine diplomat Estanislao Angel Zawels as Ambassador to their country for his views on the Armenian Genocide, information that was also confirmed by the agency Prensa Armenia.

"Clarin found out that Zawels was suggested by a group of former diplomats who took into account the fact that his father was a diplomat in Turkey for years. However, neither he warned nor the current authorities repaired that Zawels son is the author of several diplomats articles one of them called 'Notes on Genocides' that he wrote in 2012 for the magazine Temas, Foreign Policy and International Trade, and it said: 'The last stage of genocide is the denial of existence. It is well known the case of Turkey with the genocide in Armenia, until recently it was a state policy to deny it'," said the Clarin article signed by journalist Natasha Niebieskikwiat. "That phrase was enough to irritate to completely irritate the Turks, and to alter the climate of the Foreign Ministry."

"We are not surprised that Turkey press in each country with its lobby, working on the chancelleries, trying to put a gag on those who are designated by their country," complained Alfonso Tabakian, director of the Armenian National Committee of South America. "Erdogan wants to have diplomats that only say what he wants to hear. Human rights are a state policy in Argentina. The Armenian Genocide was recognized by the National Law 26,199. Neither laws nor state policies should be under pressure of another government."

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