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jueves, 22 de marzo de 2018

Argentine Deputy Clarified his Participation in the Denialist Conference of the University of Ankara

The National Deputy Danilo Flores, who attended a denialist conference of the University of Ankara, sent a letter to the Armenian National Committee of Argentina (CNA) in which he said he was "uninformed of the avatars for its realization in university areas".

"I adhere to my country's position on the Armenian Genocide (Law 26.199)," highlighted Flores in the letter addressed to the director of the Armenian National Committee of Argentina, Nicolas Sabuncuyan, and sent his affections to the community "for next April 24th."

Days ago, the University of Belgrano and the National University of the West had suspended the two conferences entitled "1915, the longest year of the Ottoman Empire" that were to be held together with the University of Ankara, after the Armenian community denounced that they was a denialist activity. The representatives of Turkey transferred the activity to the Islamic Center of the Argentine Republic, a private space related to the Islamic cult where Deputy Flores attended.

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