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martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

The Commemorations of the Armenian Genocide in Argentina during April

The Armenian Genocide was commemorated all over Argentina with different resolutions in legislatures and acts during the month of April.

In the City of Buenos Aires, the Legislature declared of "interest" the central act for the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide during the session of Thursday, April 20, at the initiative of the legislator Jose Campagnoli with co-author of Carlos Tomada. On April 24 the central event was held and the community rallied to the residence of the Turkish Ambassador. During the previous Mass, Vice President Gabriela Michetti stated that "the genocide was recognized by our country in 2007 by Law 26.199" and that "remembering the Armenian Genocide today helps us to never let this type of atrocities happen again in the history of humanity."

The Chamber of Deputies of the province of Chaco established the commemoration of April 24 and resolved to "join official acts in order to promote spaces for reflection and to repudiate the genocide perpetrated against the Armenian People by the Turkish-Ottoman state."

The Chamber of Deputies of the province of Buenos Aires, on the initiative of the deputy Karina Nazabal, decided to accompany "the activities carried out by the various institutions of the Armenian community in the province of Buenos Aires."

On April 25, a commemorative ceremony was held in the Hall of the Provinces of the National Congress Palace, where the exhibition "100 years, 100 stories" was inaugurated, an event organized by Senator Miriam Boyadjian with the Embassy Of the Armenian Republic and the Memorial Foundation of the Armenian Genocide.

The Parlasur, which met in plenary session in Montevideo, paid homage for the 102 of the tragedy. "The Armenian people do not forget and neither do I. That genocide was painful, so much so that it continues to hit us today in our feelings," said Deputy Alberto Asseff during the session.

In Cordoba there was a march and act with presence of provincial authorities, where the deputy and speaker of the event Deputy Brenda Austin, expressed her desire that the Armenian people, "once and for all, find the peace that gives justice". "I warmly hope that the Armenian people will find in their lands peace To inhabit them, in Armenia and Karabakh," added Austin, who was one of the observers in Artsakh's latest constitutional referendum. The Deliberative Councils of the cities of Cordoba and Villa Carlos Paz also commemorated the anniversary.

In Rosario, province of Santa Fe, a memorial was inaugurated in a space ceded by the Municipality of Rosario, an act was held with provincial authorities and a permanent space on the Armenian Genocide was inaugurated in the Museum of Memory.

On Wednesday 19, an open discussion was held in the Memory and Human Rights Space (former Higher School of Mechanics of the Navy - ESMA) to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the enactment of Law 26.199, in which the Argentine State recognized the Armenian Genocide, with Jorge Taiana, vice president of the Parlasur, Pedro Mouratian, consultant to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and Nicolas Sabuncuyan, director of the Armenian National Committee of Argentina, and the participation of the President of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Carlotto, and Human Rights organizations.

The Deliberative Council of the Municipality of La Plata, "celebrating the 102th anniversary of the beginning of the unpunished genocide of which the Armenian people suffered," reaffirmed its "commitment to active memory and maintains the claim to the international community for the recognition of this fact perpetrated against the Armenian civilian population between 1915 and 1923." In the Deliberative Council of Mar del Plata the genocide was also commemorated. In Rio Gallegos the film "1915" of the director Garin Hovannisian was projected in the Cultural Space Malvinas on April 23.

The Municipality of Vicente Lopez organized an event on Friday, April 21 under the initiative of Mayor Jorge Macri, in front of the Jachkar inaugurated in January of this year. The Municipality of Avellaneda also held an event with Mayor Jorge Ferraresi in El Infierno (The Hell) memory space on April 26 for the 102nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and the 10th anniversary of Law 26,199.

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