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jueves, 20 de abril de 2017

The Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires Declared of Interest the Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide

The Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires declared of interest "for the promotion and defense of human rights" the central act "for the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Turkish State, to be held next April 24 under the slogan 'Memory, truth, justice and reparation'" during the session on Thursday 20 April.

The resolution, presented by Legislator Jose Campagnoli, president of the Commission on Human Rights, Guarantees and Antidiscrimination of the Legislature, with the co-author of Carlos Tomada, second vice-president of the Legislature, refers to the act to be held on Monday, April 24 in front of the residence of the Ambassador of Turkey, after a rally organized by the institutions of the Armenian community. In that sense, the Legislature also approved, on the initiative of Legislator Javier Andrade, an adhesion to the activities that will be carried out that day.

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