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sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2016

"The last great leader of the twentieth century has gone"

"Fidel Castro has contributed to a significant change in the orientation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a whole. Today, when attempts at a conservative restoration have reappeared in the region, we must learn from his example: victories are also built from adversities," said Aram Aharonian in reference to the death of the Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro.

Aram Aharonian, an uruguayan journalist that founded the television network TeleSUR, added that "it should also be remembered that Cuba was (and is) the most solidary nation in the world, providing doctors, nurses and health care, literacy courses and teachers, engineers, technical assistance to climatic calamities to every country without any distinction of their government or ideology."

"Today there are many of us having a feeling of orphanhood, a deep feeling of loss. The last great leader of the twentieth century has gone, the lighthouse went out. Yes, it was worth fighting, Commander," concluded Aharonian in a hearty note.

Asked by Prensa Armenia news agency, professor Khatchik DerGhougassian said that "Fidel Castro is one of the great figures of the decolonization struggles of the twentieth century, a revolutionary who fought for the dignity of peoples and a world of equals."

"Even if one does not adhere to the single party regime that he implemented, the social achievements that Cuba has achieved with the 1959 Revolution are undeniable. It is the greatest legacy of Fidel Castro that dignified a small country that was nothing more than 'the cabaret of the United States'," said the academic. "Cuba's biggest challenge today is to achieve an inevitable and necessary economic opening while preserving and improving the social achievements of the Revolution. Something that the transition to savage capitalism from the former Soviet Union, including Armenia in the 1990s did not know how to do."

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