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miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

The Chamber of Deputies of Chile Rejected a Draft Project of Azerbaijan Lobby

The Chamber of Deputies of Chile rejected a project promoted by Azerbaijani diplomacy to "declare its total repudiation of the Khojaly genocide and express their firm condemnation of the military occupation of the territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan."

This occurred after the same Chamber issued a historic resolution passed unanimously that condemns the "armed attack of Azerbaijan to the Nagorno Karabakh Republic" on May 18.

The rejected project sought to be a diplomatic response to the political setback that suffered the government of Azerbaijan in May. The resolution even called to nullify "any other manifestation of a contrary intention expressed before."

Armenian Ambassador to Argentina and Chile Alexan Harutyunyan was present during the voting because he traveled to present his credentials to President of Chile Michelle Bachelet. Harutyunyan sent a letter to all the Deputies signed by the Armenian community of Chile, Archbishop Kissag Mouradian, Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church for Argentina and Chile, and the Ambassador explaining the position of Armenia before the Chamber took the decision.

The project of the Azeri lobby was introduced by Congressmen Gabriel Silber Romo, Roberto Leon Ramirez, Ivan Flores Garcia and Aldo Cornejo Gonzalez of the Christian Democratic Party, Javier Hernandez Hernandez, Romilio Gutierrez Pino and Osvaldo Urrutia Soto of the Independent Democratic Union, Marcos Espinosa Monardes of the Radical Social Democratic Party, Lautaro Carmona Soto of the Communist Party and Daniel Farcas Guendelman of the Party for Democracy. Many of those who had introduced the project voted against it after receiving the letter of the Armenian community in their country.

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