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domingo, 11 de octubre de 2015

Khachkar Inaugurated in Buenos Aires

On the afternoon of Saturday 10 October the Armenian community of Argentina unveiled a Khachkar in Vicente Lopez, an important region of the province of Buenos Aires, specially brought from Yerevan. The author of the Khachkar was the young Armenian sculptor Artak Hampartsumian, one of the finest stone carvers in their specialty.

With the presence of Mayor Jorge Macri and over 500 members of the Armenian community, the Armenian cross-stone was placed as part of the activities for the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. "Argentina should thank the communities who built the country, not the other way," said Macri.

Jorge Tossounian gave a speech on behalf of the Armenian community of the region, said: "Our grandparents, those direct survivors who were refugees like the ones wandering around Europe today, reached the shores of this blessed country, seeking peace and tranquility lost. Argentina only asked them to be men of good will."

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