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jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

The Municipality of São Paulo Held a Solemn Session for the Armenian Genocide

On Tuesday, May 26, the Municipality of São Paulo held a solemn meeting on the Armenian Genocide, based on an initiative by Councillor Gilberto Natalini and the Armenian National Committee of South America.

The ceremony was attended by Councillor Gilberto Natalini, the representative of the Armenian National Committee of Brazil Kervok Zadikian, Vice President of Armenia Fund Garabed Pilavdjian, representative of the Armenian National Committee of Argentina Bartolome Ketchian, former Deputy State Carlos Kherlakian, vice president of SAMA Armenian Club Garabed Sapadjian, President of the Armenian Cultural Association of São Paulo James Onnig Tamdjian and the Consul of Uruguay Flavia Patricia Reggio Pisano. The General Consul of Israel and the Consul of Canada also attended the event.

Onnig Tamdjian highlighted the search for justice and citizenship for the struggle of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Bartolome Ketchian recalled the last recognition of Pope Francis in April, which was mainly due to the close relationship of the former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio with the Armenian community of Buenos Aires and stressed the importance of this recognition to show the support of the South American region to the Armenian Cause, while Pisano Reggio stressed that Uruguay was the first country to recognize the genocide and this year all Uruguayan presidents attended the main ceremony of the Armenian Genocide centennial in Montevideo

Kervok Zadikian, explained that "the purpose of our presence here today is to urge key international leaders so that crimes like these never happen again anywhere else in the world." In addition, Zadikian said that the solemn session is part of a struggle to defend human rights worldwide.

"Brazil has a long tradition of coexistence with the peoples of the world. It has a position of dialogue and mediation in conflicts. What we are doing here on behalf of the city of São Paulo, it is to pay tribute to the Armenian people. Not only to revive a sad moment, but also to set an example for the present and the future, that is necessary for people to live together harmoniously and peacefully," added Councillor Gilberto Natalini.

In addition, Natalini presented a petition to the Supreme Court, the Federal House of Representatives, the Senate and the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, so that all instances of power in Brazil could become part of the nations that recognize the Armenian Genocide as a serious historical fact.

At the end of the presentation, the Master Alexey Kurkdjian was honored by the Municipality of São Paulo and the Armenian National Committee with an honorary doctorate of merit for his dedication and commitment to the preservation of Armenian music. The event also featured artistic performances of Crônica Mendes group and choir Vahakn Minassian. It is estimated that over 60,000 Armenians live in São Paulo, a city of 11 million inhabitants.

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