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viernes, 10 de abril de 2015

Rio Gallegos Names "Centenary of Genocide Against the Armenian People" Square

The Honorable Council of Rio Gallegos, in Santa Cruz, Argentina, decided on Thursday April 9 to name a city square "Centenary of Genocide Against the Armenian People". This is the first time a place in Argentina gets a name which explicitly speaks about the Armenian Genocide, along with the "Square Monument to the Victims of the Armenian Genocide" located in Caracas, Venezuela.

During that same day, the House of Representatives of Santa Cruz unanimously passed a Provincial statement recognition and adhesion to the Armenian Genocide Centennial activities, and also declared of "provincial interest" a photo exhibition organized by the Armenian National Committee of South America.

Alejandro Avakian (photo), representative of the Armenian National Committee in Santa Cruz, stated that the efforts of the community and institutions that accompany their efforts are oriented to "isolate Turkey in its denial of the past".

This week, the House of Representatives of Argentina passed a statement that conveys "solidarity with the people and the Armenian community of Argentina to commemorate the 24th April the 100th anniversary of the genocide".

Santa Cruz resolution adds to the previous recognitions of the Legislatures of the City of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Cordoba and Chubut that expressed their commitment and solidarity to the activities carried out by the Armenian community in Argentina.

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