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miércoles, 28 de enero de 2015

Armenian Folk Band Performed at the Largest Folklore Festival of Argentina

The Armenian Folk Band Kusan performed for the first time in history at the National Folklore Festival of Cosquin, Argentina, on Monday, January 26. "Despite the genocide, they are here. They kept their identity and cultural legacy and transmitted it to humanity," said the presenter of the most important festival of folk music in Argentina and Latin America.

"From the beginning, people connected with us. When we spoke about the genocide people joined us. We perceived a feeling of solidarity," said Enrique Avakian, director and creator of Kusan after the show. At the end, they played traditional Argentinean songs like Carnavalito and Zamba para olvidar with the typical Armenian instruments.

The Cosquin Folk Festival lasts nine days and gathers the most important folklore musicians and bands of the continent.

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