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viernes, 5 de diciembre de 2014

Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Argentina: Armenia has a "repressive regime of military-oligarchic dictatorship"

In an article published by the largest newspaper in Argentina Clarin, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan in Argentina Mammad Ahmadzada said that Armenia has a "repressive regime of military-oligarchic dictatorship" and that Nagorno Karabakh "is an internationally recognized territory of Azerbaijan."

"Azerbaijan wants war and despises peace. The arms race that has been launched and the aggression and intolerance of its diplomats presage the worst" expressed the Vice President of the Socialist International and member of the Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Mario Nalpatian.

"Armenia is moving towards a parliamentary democracy with the enforcement of rights and guarantees. Azerbaijan is severing these rights as a result of an autocratic and opaque dynasty" added Nalpatian.

The opinion was issued in response to an article written by the head of the International section in Clarín Marcelo Cantelmi. According to Ahmadzada the article does not "reflect objective opinions and represents the position of Armenia." Cantelmi had already been victim of the persecution of the Azerbaijani government in August 2013, when he was added to the country's blacklist and banned from entering Azerbaijan.

Ahmadzada also said that the Armenian government wants "to draw attention to the conflict zone, to reassure the broad opposition protests."

"Every year more and more people leave Armenia because of the poverty and economic difficulties and the salvation of this country depends only on cooperation with Azerbaijan", he added.

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