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lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2014

Massive Armenian Dance Festival at Argentine School Jrimian

The Argentine-Armenian school Jrimian of Lanus, Buenos Aires, held a new edition of the annual Armenian Dance Festival on November 8th.

With the presence of Lanus and national authorities, the festival brought together more than a thousand people. Over two hundred students, teachers and parents danced a number of traditional Armenian dances.

"That's what this school is all about: planting seeds, growing, tending and watering dreams, thinking resources so that children and young people can fulfill them and us adults accompany them," said the headmistress of Jrimian Sandra Raubian in her speech. "This is a genuine collective construction," she said about the festival.

The Argentine-Armenian school Jrimian is an educational institution founded in 1930 by Armenian refugees. It proposes an "Armenian education for everybody", transmitting inclusive and human rights values through the Armenian culture.

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