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sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Argentina joins the #SaveKessab campaign

Over 300 Argentine-Armenians along with several references of the Syrian community in Argentina organized a rally on the night of Friday, April 4 in front of the Turkish Ambassador's residence to protest and reject the attacks on Kessab.

The protest joined the worldwide demonstrations that were held this week to spread the campaign #SaveKessab, and demonstrators also promised to return "in 20 days" to commemorate, as every April 24th, a new anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

"The division in Syria between rebels and the government defenders is clear, as the positions of global and regional actors: Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia actively contribute to the destabilization and chaos. They all favor their interests at the expense of civilians, who are victims and hostages to the conflict", denounced the Armenian Youth Federation, organizer of the rally .

"Turkey could not hide a million and a half Armenian martyrs and today it can not hide that it is a genocidal and terrorist state. The situation of Armenians and other Christian minorities in Syria is difficult, but the interference of Turkey, promoting hatred and attacks on civilians, merely evoke a past that is part of the present for us", they added.

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