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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Plans of an Azerbaijani military action against Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh revealed

(Agencia Prensa Armenia).- An article published on March 22 in Clarin, the largest newspaper in Argentina, reveals a version of "a robust mobilization of supplies and troops from the heavy oil producing country Azerbaijan to the borders of Armenia" when the pro-Russian Ukrainian government of Viktor Yanukovych was falling, a time when an "intense rumor of sabers and impending war circulated in the key region of southeastern Caucasus".

The article signed by Marcelo Cantelmi, chief editor of International Policy in Clarin, states that there were a couple of days of military offensive with bombing and artillery that could have ended up with the destruction of Stepanakert, capital of the Autonomous Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, and with the taking over of the complete or a part of the territory, along with a strong armed pressure on Armenia to immobilize it.

"This little known episode of saber rattling exposes the delicate state of this new conflict between Russia and the West", says the renowned journalist, and notes that Armenia repudiated any possibility of Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO, a gesture that could be understood as a matter of basic loyalties rushed for self-defense, "but also because Armenia wants the same integration development over the unredeemed enclave".

In another passage of the revealing article, it is recalled that Azerbaijan is a state that Azerbaijan has a carnal alliance with Turkey, which is the other regional power along with Russia and whose premier Recep Erdogan "threatened that if NATO takes any action, Turkey will simply be there".

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