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jueves, 26 de abril de 2018

FLACSO and the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative presented the international seminar "Social Movements and Praxis of Gratitude"

From left to right: Cesar Ceriani Cernadas, Alberto Quevedo,
Pedro Mouratian and Valentina Delich
The Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) of Argentina and the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative (IHA) carried out the international seminar "Social Movements and Praxis of Gratitude" on April 24 in FLACSO Argentina.

"We started a path that will be long, because this construction is looking to bring researchers and people motivated by these issues, but also people from different countries who could form in the medium and long term a working network," said Alberto Quevedo, director of FLACSO Argentina, during the opening panel. "In FLACSO we have had a permanent activity during these 60 years of bringing the field of innovative thematic social sciences," highlighted Quevedo, giving as an example that FLACSO Argentina was the first to have a master's degrees in social sciences or to address topics such as bioethics, health and social sciences, youth and work and intellectual property rights.

"The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative is gratitude in action, and it only happens if we are able to translate ideas into concrete actions," said Pedro Mouratian, member of the panel of independent experts of the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, who then gave details about the different "Aurora Heroes" awarded by the institution for their activism and defense of human rights. Cesar Ceriani Cernadas, project coordinator, and Valentina Delich, academic secretary of FLACSO Argentina, also participated in the opening panel. In 2017, IHA signed an agreement with FLACSO to carry out a research contest and the seminar.

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