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viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2017

Armenian Institutions of Argentina Express Support for the Law Against Domestic Violence in Armenia

The Armenian Institutions of the Argentine Republic (IARA), a space that brings together all the institutions of the Armenian community in Argentina, published an open letter in support of the draft law against domestic violence in Armenia approved on November 16.

"We, representatives of the Armenian Institutions of the Argentine Republic (IARA), follow with great interest the recent debate that arose in various areas of the Republic of Armenia regarding the bill that criminalizes domestic violence," said IARA. "A debate that undoubtedly reflects the evolution of Armenia as a democratic republic, by translating into the country's regulations a common reality to many countries. Deciding to penalize it demonstrates the maturity of our nation," added the text.

According to IARA, the bill will allow the Armenian woman, "vital protagonist of the local society, to have a life without fear of violence and unjust treatment," hoping that "violence against women could be eradicated from Armenian society and gender equality becomes a reality and a step forward towards the rights of women."

Justice Minister Davit Harutyunyan said that the legislative initiative on the bill packages titled "Prevention of domestic violence, protection of domestic violence victims and restoration of solidarity in the family" aims at preventing and protecting the victims, as well as restoring the solidarity with them, reported Armenpress.

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