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jueves, 2 de junio de 2016

"The Biggest Diplomatic Defeat for Erdogan"

"The overwhelming recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the German Parliament is the biggest diplomatic defeat for Erdogan," said Ing. Mario Nalpatian, Vice President of the Socialist International and member of the Armenian National Committee - International on the decision of the Bundestag to approve today the resolution which recognized the Armenian Genocide in Germany.

In an interview with Prensa Armenia news agency, Nalpatian stressed the importance of the resolution "because of the implications that this recognition will have in Turkey and outwards, as the German Empire was an ally and supported the Turkish government that planned and executed the genocide".

"Germany once again points out the only possible way to Turkey: to assume its guilt and apologize as Willy Brandt did in Auschwitz when he was German Chancellor," he added.

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