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jueves, 25 de junio de 2015

Argentine Armenians Thank Pope Francis for the Armenian Genocide Recognition

A Mass and a prayer of thanks to Pope Francis for his recognition of the Armenian Genocide was held at the Catedral Metropolitana of Buenos Aires on Wednesday June 24.

The ceremony, carried out by Cardinal Mario Poli, Archbishop Kissag Mouradian and Bishop Vartan Boghossian, was attended by the Undersecretary for Human Rights and Cultural Pluralism City Claudio Avruj, Dr. Leon Carlos Arslanian, Ambassadors of Armenia, Lebanon and other diplomats as well as most of the leaders of the Armenian community in Argentina.

"The unforgettable Pontifical Mass on Sunday April 12 at the Basilica of San Pedro and the acceptance of the figure of St. Gregory of Narek among the doctors of the Universal Church were historic events that carried comfort and reinforced the hurted hearts of Armenians in the commemoration of the Centennial," said a letter to the Pope that was signed by all the institutions of the Armenian community. Cardinal Mario Poli, meanwhile, stressed the "courageous stance" taken by Pope Francis to condemn three genocides of the twentieth century: the one perpetrated by Turkey, Stalinism and Nazi Fascism. The ceremony ended with a chorus of a hundred voices evoking the centenary of the genocide.

The recognition of Pope Francisco in April served as the basis and foundation for further recognitions such as the European Parliament, also in April, or the Federal Senate of Brazil on last June 2.

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