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sábado, 25 de abril de 2015

Main Ceremony in Uruguay with Former Presidents for the Armenian Genocide Centennial

The main ceremony of the Armenian Genocide Centennial in Uruguay took place on Friday April 24 in the Legislative Palace with the presence of President Tabare Vazquez, Vice President Raul Sendic and former Presidents Jose Mujica, Jorge Batlle, Julio Maria Sanguinetti and Luis Alberto Lacalle, along with Mayor of Montevideo Prof. Ana Olivera, Tourism Minister Lilian Kechichian, the Ambassador of the Republic of Armenia and the Archbishop of Montevideo Cardinal Daniel Sturla, among other political and religious leaders. Raul Sendic said that the genocide was "one of the worst forms of degradation of human beings."

The organizers recalled the fiftieth anniversary of Law 13.326 that declares April 24 as a Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Martyrs and honored Carlos Julio Pereyra, Uruguay Tourne and Julio Maria Sanguinetti, the politics who took part in the adoption of this law.

Platelets were also handed to Jorge Batlle, Luis Alberto Lacalle, Jose Mujica and the current President Tabare Vázquez.

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