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lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2014

"Erdogan and Gülen are the extremes of the same policy"

"Erdogan and Gülen are the extremes of the same policy. The struggle for power in Turkey is deepening further and the Turkish society is trapped in this dispute," said the chief of Prensa Armenia news agency Pablo Kendikian regarding the latest arrests of journalists linked to the Hizmet movement.

Pablo Kendikian is an Argentinean journalist and has recently published the book "Fethullah Gülen" which explains the history of the Gülen movement and its global reach.

"The attempt to silence the press is condemnable, but we must also remember that not long ago the Gülen Movement promoted these actions and persecuted those who did not share the values and lifestyle that Gülen and Erdogan wanted for Turkey," added Kendikian.

"We can not ignore that Gülen was part of the construction of the repressive and the parallel state that Erdogan fed when they were allies. Today the Gülen Movement shown itself as the victim, but the former actions together led a real 'witch hunt' against those who opposed the Islamization of the Turkish state," said Kendikian referring to the Ergenekon scandal in the last years and the arrests of Ahmet Sik and Nedim Sener, both for writing about the Gülen Movement.

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