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jueves, 17 de julio de 2014

Argentine Football Club rejects Azerbaijan sponsorship

Sources close to San Lorenzo de Almagro reported that the football club rejected the sponsorship of Azerbaijan.

According to the information, a delegation from the Caucasus country contacted the club's leadership when they were negotiating the transfer of midfielder Angel Correa to Atletico Madrid, a team that is currently sponsored by Azerbaijan.

One of the conditions they imposed on San Lorenzo was that "there couldn't be ethnic Armenians" in future executive committees of the club.

The news raised concerns in the Armenian community as there are many fans of the club, famous for being Pope Francis team. Azerbaijan is currently looking for a new football club to sponsor, and they already had contacts with teams of Colombia and Uruguay. Colombian teams Independiente Santa Fe and Atletico Junior, as well as Peñarol from Uruguay, are the ones they are looking for.

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